February 26 total lunar eclipse astrology

We are emerging from a retrograde season that encompassed most of the summer. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto remain retrograde through September. In the political world we will see more turmoil and some reverses of recent trends with the action of Mars, Saturn and Pluto. On the 22nd we reach the seasonal turning of the Autumn Equinox as the Sun passes into Libra, sign of justice, harmony and right relations, as well as beauty and the arts. Libra is dynamic: adjusting, comparing, weighing alternatives to carry the inner work of Virgo—nurturing the seed of consciousness —into outer, interpersonal expression.

The Aries full moon follows on the 25th. Message of the Aries full moon: begin anew, re-kindle the sacred flame of passion and inspiration. Venus is the evening star in the west after sunset,, at its brightest before slowing down and turning retrograde October 6th. Venus and the new crescent moon will appear together on the evenings of September 12th and 13th.

Venus is now in Scorpio, a sign famous for intensity, passion, mystery, and uncharted emotional depth—a sort of Bermuda Triangle of the zodiac. Venus will be retrograde in Scorpio on October fifth.


Scorpio is said to represent the struggle between the ego and the soul. More about Venus retrograde next month. Late summer, with its falling blossoms and changing light, is to me, a season all its own, a golden season, with the abundance of yellow and gold blooms—sunflowers, marigolds, calendula, turning leaves and softer light.

Purple and white Michaelmas daisies bloom in wild fields and waysides. We feel like lighting candles at dusk, and plant narcissus to grow indoors, in honor of Persephone, the maiden goddess of Spring, as she begins her underworld descent. The U. The dramatic total solar eclipse of last August fell opposite the Aquarian moon in the U. Now, in July we have another eclipse cycle with a solar eclipse in Cancer, the U. Sun sign, followed by a total eclipse of the full moon in Aquarius. These eclipses strike at the heart of the national identity, image, and soul. That futuristic vision was not realized then, nor now, but still remains, written in the stars, so to speak, that America would give birth to this egalitarian and humanistic spirit.

Now we are in some dark days that call us to question who we are, what we are and where we are headed as a nation. In the fascinating branch of astrology called mundane astrology we have a lens through which to view national events. In this system we see two striking influences in the U. The full moon eclipse in Aquarius on July 27th is the last, for now, of a series of Leo—Aquarius eclipses on the U. In the mundane system the moon is generally associated with the common people,public opinion and mood.

But a deeper consideration of the moon, it seems to me would relate it to the national soul, the collective myth and memory of the people, and of course, feminine issues such as children and health. The national soul was present in the idealism, humanism and romanticism that inspired the Declaration of Independence, part of a revolution in Western thought and culture of those times.

Soul is not definable intellectually; it requires perception, presence. It is awakened by tragedy as often as by beauty and love. The soul of a nation resides too, in the land, the soil and the memories the land holds. Perhaps if there is an awakening and healing of a national soul it comes through the tragedy of these darkening times.

There are other influences in the national chart now that are in play: Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn warn of increasing authoritarian leadership exploiting an atmosphere of fear. Mars is still retrograde in Aquarius and late Capricorn until August 27th, an indication that things recently set in motion may be reversed or take an unexpected course.

Mars also warns of violence and extremism. George Washington, looking just like he stepped out of a painting, was walking around holding a baby girl.

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An omen of hope? May it be so. On July 23rd the Sun moves into Leo, sign of grandeur, joy, creativity and passion. Astrology and plant lore are inseparable. Cancer gives us waterlilies, and sunflowers reign as Leo comes in— a living expression of solar radiance, warmth, and cheer.

Solar Eclipse Astrology Effects

Summer begins for us in the Northern Hemisphere when the Sun reaches the Tropic of Cancer, where it seems for a short time to stand still, and we experience the longest days of the year. The movement of the Sun, moon and planets reminds us that life energies are always in flux, ebbing and flowing, flowering and fading, dying and being born anew.

To the Egyptians if was associated with the scarab beetle, symbol of resurrection. This sign was, and still is a sacred portal related to the mysteries of birth and death. It is associated with motherhood and mother goddesses, perhaps the most powerful of all archetypes, and one to which we have the strongest of primal responses. Cancer is the sign of the home, family and the nurturing of children. As a water sign, ruled by the moon, it reflects our sensitivity and receptivity to the psychic currents, and emotional waves that flow through and around us.

Those currents and undertows are especially strong this month with the Capricorn full moon June 27th intensifying the tensions and injustices that have been building these past few months. Cancer is a sign directly related to children and mothers; we have the horrifying spectacle of state sponsored abduction of thousands of children. Capricorn is a sign of laws, rules, the courts and justice system. In its extreme form it can be cold and inhuman. Cancer and Capricorn are opposites—water and earth— mercy and justice.

This full moon will have long term influence on national politics and public opinion. With Mars, always provocative, turning retrograde until August 28th the climate, literal and metaphorical, is volatile and unstable. Chiron was discovered in It is part of a group of asteroids orbiting between Saturn finite, concrete and Uranus multidimensional , all named for mythic centaurs. I see it as being related to ecology and the wounding of the Earth, the centaur himself symbolizing the inseparable fusion of human with the animal self, with nature.

Lately it seems to me also that Chiron is the planet of the refugee, the outcast, the homeless wanderer, because these carry the collective shadow projection.

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Chiron moved into Aries in April, where it remains until , accelerating awareness of the wounds of patriarchy—war, oppression, exploitation— the shadow of the heroic ideal of conquest. In concert with Chiron, the full moon sheds light on issues of scapegoating and hatred, in families and communities, and nations.

On a happier note, the full moon in June is known as the strawberry moon. The robins especially love them, but there have been enough to share. They are smaller but much sweeter than the store-bought ones. Water lilies bloom in abundance now, an expression of the beauty of the Cancer soul, opening to the Sun, floating serenely on the surface of the water, with roots securely anchored to the rocks below. This is a month of swirling, swiftly moving currents. The Taurus new moon comes in the midst of several powerful planetary shifts, most notably Uranus, planet of revolution moving into Taurus after a seven year transit in Aries.

The outer planets are transpersonal, reflecting trends and change on a global, mass consciousness level. Revolution, rebellion and challenge to authority are classic Uranian themes. Uranus was discovered in , during an age of revolution and undermining of the old authorities of royalty and religion. Uranus was last in Taurus through June Does history repeat of instruct?

This year gives us a preview of the time ahead. Uranus will retrograde back into Aries in November, then re-enter Taurus in March , where it remains until The Ram Aries and the Bull Taurus are powerful archetypes worshiped in the ancient world. Both appear in the Bible—the golden calf and the paschal lamb. Uranus is a catalyst for change on many levels—political, social, economic, environmental especially in the earth sign Taurus , and personal, as we adjust or not to the whirlwinds and uncertainties of a changing world. The English visionary painter and poet William Blake, born in , shortly before Uranus was discovered, lived his life in such a time.

He was literally a visionary, in that he painted his visions to illustrate his poems and prophetic works that expressed his radical, humanistic, mystical world view. He accomplished this at a time when painting and poetry were expected to conform to set rules of subject, perspective, meter and rhyme. His paintings and etchings often have a strange, radiant beauty, though others portray monstrous forms that to him represented the threats of repression and injustice. In that his works addressed injustice, poverty, tyranny and religious hypocrisy he is as relevant today as in the 18th century.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

He was a futurist, a symbolist, and an iconoclast—a fine example of the creative spirit of Uranus. The Spring Equinox tips the balance toward light. More light is streaming into our world, literally and metaphorically. We are coming out of the waters of Pisces into Aries fire and heat. Mercury will be retrograde, in Aries until April 16th, making this a time when the energy of Aries is more subtle, drawing us inward for a while before defining a new direction. Mars has just moved into Capricorn, heading for a rendezvous with Saturn, which accelerates the tension and anger in the political world.

Jupiter, planet of justice and truth, is retrograde in Scorpio, where it is constrained, but still working behind the scene to reveal hidden corruption and misdeeds. Aries is the knight going out to slay the dragon. Pisces is the savior. We are all at different stages of this journey many times over in a lifetime, and we face different dragons.