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Read your entire Virgo weekly horoscope. The sun moves into your lifestyle sector on Monday and puts your focus on work, wellness, and daily routines.

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Relax and make peace with yourself. Read your entire Libra weekly horoscope. You might be having some intense feelings and thoughts this week, Scorpio! Monday finds the sun moving into your romance and leisure sector, so that should help with chilling you out. Be bold! Read your entire Scorpio weekly horoscope. Read your entire Sagittarius weekly horoscope. You might have a super intense mood this week, Capricorn! Luckily the sun is moving into Pisces and your sector of communication on Monday, so talking out things will give you a fresh perspective.

Before you grab it, put some thoughts into it. And try to have some fun this week, too, and take a life! Read your entire Capricorn weekly horoscope. Powerful feelings related to past issues could show up this week, Aquarius. Process them. What could help is movement—a hike, job, or even group sports! Get it out! This is the perfect time to gather your squad for drinks or dinner. Money's on your mind, Leo, and now's an ideal time to get your financial life under control after a balled-out summer. This Virgo dark moon energy is giving you not only clarity in your decision making, but also the motivation you need to make it happen.

It's the new moon of your season now, Virgo, so the fresh start is yours for the taking. That said, don't overload yourself with tasks and goals. You need to time to not only clear your mind, but also enjoy yourself! Don't be afraid to stop and smell the flowers.

Celebrities with a Virgo Moon

The whirlwind of work, your social life, and your creative endeavors combined have blown a bit of a beautiful-but-messy tornado through your life — so you're welcoming the obsessively organized Virgo vibe with open arms. Take some time out to relax and clean house. The energy of this new moon is making you feel light and bouyant, which is great because you've been on an ultra-focused kick with work lately.

Loosen up and allow yourself some easy socialization under this luminary. It's OK to let your hair down and relax. You've earned it. Magic is all around us, and you're feeling extra powerful in your ability to manifest opportunities under this luminary. They live in the moment and have a hard time waiting for things to happen.

Whims of the moment take absolute precedence in their lives.

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  • This is a fiery position of the moon. Even if the Sun or rising sign is more low-key, Moon in Aries people possess inner passion and fire. Emotional issues take precedence—there is simply no pussy-footing around when it comes to dealing with the feelings. And, dealing with new sentiments and needs stirs up a huge desire for activity. Moon in Aries has a need for acting out their needs, with no time to waste. It is hard for them to see the long-term, or to wait for things to happen. Instant gratification rules! Oddly enough, this is a very defensive position of the Moon.

    These natives take things very personally, and they deal with problems by facing them right away so that they can then get on with other things. Their flare-ups generally end almost as quickly as they started.

    Gemini Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

    Lunar Ariens have an unmistakable independent streak. They put themselves right out there in the world, and make an impression in whatever they do. Their self-confidence is actually variable. Although a strong personality is projected, Moon in Aries people go through plenty of ups and downs. Instead, they are temperamental.

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    Some might say that people with Moon in Aries actually enjoy trouble and confrontations. Indeed, this position is easily bored with environments that are too peaceful.

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    Their homes—especially their childhood homes—are often battlegrounds. They rule the roost, or at least want to, and are not the most peaceful of folk to live with! Moon in Aries men and women are prone to have plenty of crushes and other short-lived yet intense desires. In their minds, what they want is so powerful that it becomes an absolute need. In young adulthood, they can be dangerous with a credit card. Whoever offered the advice to freeze your credit card in a container of water, and then let the block of ice thaw before using the card, unwittingly had people with Moon in Aries in mind.

    Your Weekly Horoscope: The Supermoon in Virgo Will Help You With Major Change

    The whole idea was to see if the shopping whim of the moment would pass by the time the card was ready to use. That is, if Aries actually takes the advice in the first place! Others will appreciate that people with Moon in Aries rarely sulk or play any drawn-out games of manipulation. You can pretty much know what they want at any given time. Somehow, they have people around them scrambling to help them solve their problems.

    Sun in Virgo — Moon in Aries

    Familiarity is important to Lunar Taureans. These people are earthy and strong-willed. They feel with their senses and they are pretty much rooted in their ways. They revel in material comforts—in fact, building a solid and comfortable home and foundation helps to keep them feeling safe and content. But the conservative streak in these natives can be maddening to more progressive personalities.

    Instead, they focus on creating a reliable and secure life around them. Moon in Taurus natives are generally very romantic. Their affections are strong, deep, and unwavering. They are sentimental and warm. Since Taurus is a practical earth sign, the placement of the Moon in this sign suggests an ability to protect themselves and their own interests. Generally, Taurus Moon people have reliable instincts. They are very much tied to the physical world, and they often have a particularly well-developed sense of smell.