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Lost and Confused, Giridhar, Anonymous: Very glad that all of you enjoyed reading the post. In terms of the predictions having been correct or not in my life, I think it's a bit early to have a clear opinion on it yet, especially when it's not even been a decade since I sought Naadi. Having said that, yes, I am indeed seeing the preditions being manifested. Manju: thanks for sharing your experience!

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I'm sure it would have been mind-boggling! It was interesting to know that it made you change your religious views as well! Hi, Ive had my naadi leaves read and it has been mind blowing. I was quite sure of what they would ask and I was quite prepared on my answers as couple of my friends too had experiences with this form of occult. I cant really figure if this is any money minded circus coz they never demand any money from you until your leaves are found.

And one of my friends leaves have yet to be found. Let me give you my experience.

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My family is christian while my dad has a hindu name. The leaves were very accurate in prediting my dads name as well as pointing out that I was a lone child. But what has more convinced me is when one of my acquaintance went to consult this astrologer a day after his engagement to a girl with a 'muslim' name and the astrologer pointed out the exact name. To me this is really mind blowing.

Ancient Astrology: The Lost Books of Bhrigu

How on earth can you match all of these factors. I've read few of my leaves and in no where i can find any evidence to the fact that there is a 'fooling' science behind it. It could be true, could be false but it might depend on the genuinity of the reader as there are many fakes out there as well. So its all your luck where and whom you go to consult. Would you say your future predictions are turning out to be true as well? Hi Hemant.

I enjoyed reading ur blog. U r a good writer, u keep the reader engaged throughout. I do believe in god,destiny and astrology to some extent. I have heard that naadi shastra can tell a persons past,present and future life. I have a question since u r already into this u may be able to answer it.

How can our future life be written on the leaf already? If it's written already means that they have already calculated our karma for this life, which means the leaf has predictions about the mistakes I am going to make in this life. Sorry if u find this rude. I am having a rough time and I can't accept the fact that we have to suffer for the mistakes did in past life. When Being a good human being at present life does not count. Can u pls reply.


Cheers Shilpa. Hi Shilpa, Interesting questions! However, this is not a very scientific or researched topic, so I'm not going to do guesswork on what I do not know. But the solace is that, there is another Naadi chapter that specifies where you will be born in your next life. It also mentions if you have one more life, or if it's all DONE! My guess is they are over hearing our conversation from another room n they just overwrite few words in a chuvadi n reads it back..

I had a personal experience at tambaram.. I guess they are mostly fake readers only but there may be geniune readers as well.. But the one i checked was pakka fake n there were so many waiting for the whole day n they had more than 5 readers there.. U should have checked at the same place. Hi Hemanth, Thanks for nice post. Just wanted to know have your reading come true so far. I am really keen to know that as i have heard a lot about it. Regards, Partha. Hi all, Gone thru all ur comments.

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  7. Even I had my nadi reading done in Hyderabad, Aandhra Pradesh. Even I experienced all those shocking moments. I came back to him with the correct one and asked him to see once again. I was shocked. And to my surprise, My friend also had his reading done and nothing happened to him as predicted. They said he would go to foreign for higher studies, stay there for 2 yrs and then he will get a job there with good pay and all.. But out of my surprise.. Nothing happened as predicted. Now few days back, I went to tat place and asked him to re check mine and take out my kalyana kandam.

    After knowing my friends story now i don wanna go der as i feel it is all fake and nothing is gng to happen except waste of money.. Hello - I completely agree with your experiences as I have myself been the receipient of past and future predictions being made about me. Large parts of the same have come true. It is an ancient occult science and should be given the due respect it deserves.

    Hello Hemanth, Firstly,I would like to admit that am completely overwhelmed by the contents of your blog. The articles on ancient history of Tamilnadu and various unique practices of Tamils, which has been widely accepted and appreciated not to mention surprised people globally are definitely knowledge treasures.

    Sri Agastya Mahashiv Naadi Jothida Nilayam in Panchkula -

    Myself a proud tamilian, have always been intrigued by the mysterious land of Tamil Nadu and its history. Blogs like yours are a god send. Really appreciate your time and efforts to keep our wonderful culture alive. I guarantee that i am not yet another Tamil fanatic who is obsessed with the language.

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    I do respect and research on world history. However,Tamil stays close to my heart.. Hi Hemanth, Your story is very nice. When i am searching for naadi jothidam experience i came across your blog. This post is nice. I am also searching for the good naadi predictor.

    Can you please provide the center of naadi jothidar where you went. So only it will be more usefull for us. I am from Chennai only. Please tell the address of naadi jothidam center. I cant able to see that address. Can you please send it to my mail id ashunmugapriya gmail. Hey hemanth, U r a good writer i must say really good post can u pl share me the details of ur nadi astrolger my email id is anksahani yahoo.

    Please send the address of that nadi astrologer in my id ranianitha gmail. Dear Hemanth, You got good writing skill dude!! I was reading it just like a suspense thriller and indeed it was. Keep it up. But still skeptism rules me. As you said, nothing beats our direct experience regarding ou believs.

    So please email the address of that Nadi center to this address appu.

    Agastya rishi astrology mumbai

    Hemanth, hope you won't mind if I share my story here - I read somewhere that these scriptures were for a few chosen ones and that their eternal quest will eventually carry them to their naadi. So I start out one morning on a drive to know my fate through the hellish Bangalore traffic, with auto drivers and bikers frequently interrupting my attempt to establish a divine connection …. I was asked to leave my shoes and to be seated. My fingerprint was taken. Been asked to pay namaskar to the scriptures..

    I was not exactly what you call a good guy in my past birth.

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    I tortured my wife dude gimme a break!! Again a stream of cock-n-bull stuffs. Now this was getting boring and I started feeling irritated.