Mooltrikona sign in astrology

Sujan says:. October 24, at pm.

Rahu’s Beej Mantra

Dhana Latchmi Mahesh says:. December 1, at am. December 3, at am. Ravi says:. December 14, at am. December 16, at pm.

Sundar says:. December 17, at pm. December 19, at pm. December 22, at pm. December 23, at pm. Siri says:. December 30, at pm. Siri Shanivat Rahu is only applicable for the generic effects of Rahu for functional effects, it gives the results of planets that conjunct or aspect it secondly it gives the effects of the rashi lord of the rashi its placed in as well as the nakshatra lord that it is placed in. February 13, at am. February 14, at pm. February 16, at pm. No jupiter is in an enmical sign when in Libra Venus is in a neutral sign when in pisces.

Julia says:. March 5, at am. March 5, at pm. No it doesnt however any planet that close will start to show mixed effects of both signs. April 14, at pm. April 17, at pm. Uday says:. April 16, at am. Jay says:. May 7, at pm. May 8, at pm. May 11, at pm. SC says:. May 17, at pm. May 18, at pm. May 18, at am. Question on permanent relationships: Rahu and Ketu appear to have been classified differently in different sources.

Mooltrikona Sign and Prime Determinants

Here is message ii continuation from above: ii how Rahu and Ketu are treated for other planets. May 19, at am. May 19, at pm. May 24, at pm. Sneha says:. July 1, at am. July 3, at pm. Karan says:. July 8, at pm. July 10, at pm. No destruction. July 11, at pm. August 16, at pm. July 12, at pm. Kush says:. July 18, at pm.

Lagnesh mars in 10th house of 28degrees and 6minutes.. Will it give good results. July 19, at pm. Nothing in astrology is standalone. July 22, at pm.


July 24, at pm. Navit says:. August 2, at am.

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August 6, at am. Sumit says:. August 11, at am. August 14, at pm. Parul says:.

moolatrikona | Planets In Astrology | Astrological Sign

August 15, at am. Venus is 17 degree dignity it is in leo sign 5 house …it indicates beautifulspouse? August 15, at pm. BR says:. August 16, at am. September 11, at pm.

In aries asc venus is sitting in 5 house is venus is ascpecting 7 house also from 5 house? Su says:. September 13, at pm. Namaskar Shri Vivek Sir, First of all, i greatly applaud your painstaking work of simplifying the concepts of astrology for a beginner like me. Please keep up with this excellent work. Best, Su. Bhavana says:.