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P. B. Sreenivas

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What's your Lucky Name Number?- DoB Name Numerology- आपका भाग्यशाली नाम अंक -Jaya Karamchandani

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Maharshi Jaya Sreenivasan had his education at Attibele. During childhood, he was speaking inarticulately. However, his high school head master Sri Govindappa had recognised his inner talent.

Maharshi Jaya Srinivasan in Saraswathipuram,Mysuru (Mysore) | Astrologer in Saraswathipuram

Though Sri Govindappa had lost both of his legs in an accident, he was a source of inspiration to his pupils. He had devoted his life to the cause of students. Since, he had lost both legs, a separate room was provided, where he used to take classes.

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  6. During his period, whole class used to move to that room. This incident had a deep influence on Sreenivasan. He found that, if a person had a talent, everyone goes to him and listen. It helped him to overcome his handicap of stammering. Sri Govindappa used to assure Sreenivasan that, in spite of stammering, he could become a great orator. He has become a great orator and been influencing hundreds of thousands of people through his speech. During high school final year, that is in , Sreenivasan's talent in Kannada language was revealed.

    They had announced a reward for getting highest marks in Kannada. Inspired Sreenivasan scored marks out of in Kannada first language during board exam. He received the award by then famous movie actor Sri Kashinath. Glamour and popularity of Film stars had a great influence on young Sreenivasan. He nourished the goal of becoming a celebrity himself. During high school days, Saint of Ramakrishna Ashram used to come and deliver lectures on great personalities like Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Smt. Sharadadevi and Swami Vivekananda. Life and achievements of these personalities greatly influenced Sreenivasan.

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    His spiritual hunger was awakened. He wanted to achieve something great. Spirituality became a part of Sreenivasan. It became clearer during the years to In search of spiritual peace, Sreenivasan turned towards Yoga. He mastered the much-praised Kundalini Yoga Hidden Energy.

    He understood the importance of celestial bodies on human beings. Path of spirituality made him to turn towards Numerology and Astrology. He started deep study of these classic subjects. This was a decisive phase in his life, as he turned towards the path of Knowledge from the path of Idol Worship. Sri Bhagawan Mahavatar Babaji was a great influence on Sreenivasan. Since name is the symbol of personality, it carries lot of power. He became a successful hero. When he was rechristened as Rajanikanth, his fortune changed.

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    Date is fate, Name is fame. After achieving spiritual powers during to , Sreenivasan started sharing his knowledge in Numerology and Astrology with people. This was a new birth for him. He decided to dedicate his life for the cause of Numerology, Astrology and Vastu. He stared sharing fruits of this knowledge among public. During one such spiritual discourse, Sreenivasan was inspired to change his name to Jaya Sreenivasan.

    It was said that, if he changed his name, he would prosper in life. Soon, Sreenivasan changed his name as Jaya Sreenivasan. Since then, his progress has been in leaps and bounds. He became a celebrity. Name has a unique place in our life.