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I pursued PhD. Hope this enriches our experience. The Astroworld contains articles on Astrology. This site is for just to share the knowledge on Astrology with the interested people. We have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided on this website. Chhatra yog gives a person constant progress throughout his life. The person achieves a high status. This yog is formed when every planet in the kundali is placed between the fourth to the tenth house or vice versa.

When there are two planets placed in at least three houses, and one planet placed in at least three houses then the auspicious yog called the Nanda yog is formed. A person's whose Kundli has this yog gets a healthy and long life. As the name shows this yoga makes the person fully comfortable. Person having this yoga in horoscope get Monetary power as well as social status easily.

He enjoys all the pleasures in Life. When Jupiter is placed in 8th place from the birth lagna or birth zodiac sign then shakat yoga forms in Horoscope or kundli. This yoga is not good, person having this yoga makes a person dissatisfied. Inspite of having the trust of honorable members and working with them they are not satisfied. They remain concerned chintit , poor and suffers an unknown problems.

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If Moon Sun is present with moon or sun resides in 4th or 10th place from the moon then adham yoga forms in horoscope or kundli. Person having this yoga are polite, intelligent and wealthy but inspie of this their achievements are overlooked or ignored due to this dissatisfaction arises. But exception is this that if moon sits with its positive planets or viewed by jupiter then this yoga don't form. If Jupiter is present in 7th or 10th place from the moon and if moon is viewd by healthy mercury budh or venus then gajkesari yoga forms in horoscope or kundli.

This Yoga makes a person happy, honourable, intelligent.

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They become famous because of their good behavious and intelligency. If Positive or good planets sits with moon or if good planets are present in lagna or 10th place from the moon then amla yoga forms. This yoga makes a person Reputed, famous, philantrhorpic paropkaari , kind hearted, benignant sahriday and wealthy.

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If No Planets are present in 7th and 8th Place then parvat yoga forms in horoscope or kundli. Because of this yoga person is of joyful nature, having independent thought, expert, politician, successful writer and famous. This yoga also forms if the master of 4th and 10th place is placed in mooltrikon or with it's own zodiac sign.

This type of person take interest in politics and make career in this field. They are good oretor, mighty,courageous. They may become diplomat. This yoga forms in the following cases : If the master of lagna is strong and the master of 5th and 6th place are present in any center place.

Master of 9th place is strong and the master of 10th place is with aries,cancer, libra or capricorn. This type of person live long life, happy,lucky,philanthropic,gentleman and are able to become minister. A person haivng this yoga are efficient in many arts, good oretor, very intelligent, awarded in society and state. Bheri Yoga forms in 2 cases 1 if the master of 9th place is strong and all the planets present in 1st,2nd,7th and 12th place of horoscope or kundli 2 Masster of 9th place is strong and master of lagna , jupiter and venus present in any of the center place then bheri yoga forms in horoscope or kundli.

Due to this yoga person become happy, yashsvee, gentleman and always get promotion in life. When Planet of Lagna is very strong and and rest of the planets are present in all center places of horoscope or kundli then mridang yoga forms. Person having this yoga are very powerful,effective and are present in very high administrative level.

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If the Maste of 7th place is sitting in 10th place and is very positive and master of 9th and 10th place remain together then shrinath yoga forms. This yoga forms in 2 states : 1 when sun is of leo zodiac sign, mercury sits in center place and master of 10th place sits in 5th place. This type of persons are believer, virtuous, famous, intelligent,lucky and have good status in society. Veshi Yoga benefits are many. Make sure none of the planets in the Yoga is malefic.

If any of them are malefic, Veshi yoga seems to be ineffective. With the influence of this yoga, the native holds good character, name and fame. Vash Yoga in Astrology is said to be formed if there one or more planets is situated prior to the Sun in a horoscope. It means one or more planets should be situated in the house before Sun or 12th house from Sun in a horoscope. If a native has Vash Yaga, he is blessed with prosperity, happiness, benefits from the Government side and many good things. The Vash Yoga effects are different for different horoscope. Ubhayachari Yoga in Astrology is said to be formed when one or more planets are situated both sides of the Sun in the horoscope.

It means planets are in 2nd and 12th house from the house of placement of Sun. Jatak who has the Yoga is blessed with many good things. He gets wealth, fame and prosperity. Ubhayaschari Yoga married life also goes smooth. Make sure all the planets of these Yogas are reacting positively in order to get their benefits. In the science of astrology, the yoga is controversial. Many debates, discussion and researches have been conducted considering the Yoga from time to time.

Many astrologers have tried to give different meaning to the Yoga. However, a huge number of astrology communities believe, Vipreet Raj Yoga in astrology is formed when in a horoscope, Lord of the 6th house, Lord of the 8th House or Lord of the 12th House are placed in any one of the other two houses of a horoscope. It is capable to give similar positive results that Raj Yoga gives.

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There are many Vipreet Raj Yoga benefits. It is capable to fill the native life with happiness, blessed him with good health, makes his life healthy, provides huge profits in businesses, gives him long age and he gets victory over enemies. Harsha Yoga in Astrology is said to be formed when the lord of 6th house is situated in 8th house or 12th house of a horoscope. It brings positive development in the native life such as great wealth, healthy body, respectable jobs, honour from the society and many more.

The Adhi Yoga in astrology is said to be formed if any planet is situated in the 6th, 7th and 8th house. You will have to watch out two more points- lagna and Moon. If any planet is in the 6th, 7th or 8th house from the Lagna, the Yoga is known as Lagnadhi Yoga. If any in the 6th, 7th or 8th house from the Moon, then the yoga is called as Chandradhi Yoga.

The Yoga formation in one's Kundali has several several advantages. If the yoga is formed, it can make the native a Minister, king or Army Chief, depending on how strong it is. It makes the native trustworthy, polite, affluent and capable to defeat all odds. The Adhi Yoga effects are considered similar to Raja Yoga. In case, all the three benefic are present in these three signs but have no strength, the Adhi Yoga is formed but is feeble. There are several other combinations that make the Yoga. An expert Astrologer can help you find this. When the owner of the 6th House or Bhaw is related to 2nd House or Bhaw and its owner, the Rin Yoga is formed in one's horoscope.

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The Yoga is not capable to bring happiness. The native may suffer from the debt. The 6th House position is related to suffering, debt and Ripu. The Akadash Bhaw also comes under this Yoga. Hence, both 6th and Akadash are related to Rin Yoga. Rin Yoga in Astrology doesn't bring pleasant things. The native under the strong influence of the Yoga can suffer from big debts. The Yoga can defame the person. It can cause accident and injury, make the native aggressive and he may suffer from various health problems. Your enemy will try to spoil your reputation which gives them satisfaction.

If on Agnidhotak planets, there is influence of lagnesh, panchmesh and navmesh, the native may suffer from fire.

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These planets are- Mangal, Surya and Ketu. The Yoga is considered an important part of Vedic Astrology. The Kalanidhi Yoga effects are favourable depending upon the position, aspects and conjunction of planets.