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Would it be wise, then, for us to resist your tireless insistence on having your own way? You are not an easy-going lightweight. No matter your size, shape or persuasion, you take up acres of emotional space. Even at your gentlest, you are neither house pet nor casual acquaintance. Nobody who has more than a howdy-do acquaintance with you is ever able to slough you off with an indifferent shrug.

You need attention, lots of it. You want to work, play, make love, converse and interact in all sorts of ways.

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You are just plain there. Nobody says, "Shut up. By nature, you do not remain in the background, so people have to either love you adoringly or hate and reject you. You are somehow spiritually invasive. You demand unflinching devotion to your endless causes and sympathy for your countless woes. Sometimes it seems as though you were put on earth to force everyone else to make choices, pass judgments, take sides and prove or disprove their loyalties. With you, there is no middle ground. Intensity is a word that might have been invented to describe the Tiger's state of mind.

You are constantly involved in stormy litigations or tense power struggles in which you frequently lack reserve or employ good sense. You need wise allies to stay your hand as you tend to get too feisty too soon. If you have opted to be someone's friend, you want them to take your side against the bad guys, and, because you are so winning and adorable and fair of mind, they often do.

Not many people can stand having you around all the time. You need space and so do the others.

Chinese Astrology Fast Love Match

Like all cats, you are territorial. Your house is your domain and can be a minefield of disputes, breaches of contract and stormy family battles. You nearly always stand your ground. Faced with your adversaries' most outrageous claims and accusations, and even the threat of disrepute or eviction, you stay put. You don't seem to care what people think of you.

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No long-term, Ox-like, wait-and-see solutions for you. You act on impulse to protect your territory.

Your actions are directly connected to your emotions. If someone yells at you, you yell right back.

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  5. You scoff at jeopardy. Indeed, you have an unhealthy penchant for risk-taking. You get involved in zany schemes, major humanitarian tasks, or world-scale projects that nobody else in their right mind would try to accomplish in two lifetimes. You have no fear of the results of your recklessness. You'll enter battle on a hunch, fight like a Tiger and sometimes even lose.

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    If you do lose and the world crumbles around you, you will be crushed, but not for long. Soon you will bound from your bed, leap into the car and race off to blaze a new trail. You are capable of enormous sacrifice in return for the special attention you require from others. If you love someone and feel that your love is amply reciprocated, you will crawl on your knees through the snows of Siberia to reach that person's bedside. You know no bounds anywhere.

    And that's just the trouble. You don't just DO things. You over DO them. Partly because of your inability to see danger until it hits you squarely in the solar plexus, you have a reputation for being foolhardy. You will rise to any challenge you feel is worthy of your august attention. You simply don't perceive danger the way other signs do.

    You will toy with a grenade the way cats play with a half-dead mouse. You prowl around it, pretend to ignore it, walk away, come back, tease it with your paw, give it a nudge with your snout and finally stick your nose right in it, touching and prodding it insistently. But the grenade doesn't explode. No wonder the Chinese teach us that the Tiger is lucky. Sometimes this streak of good fortune abandons you. When you court danger just a bit too offhandedly, you occasionally fall down dead Remember Marilyn Monroe?

    Natalie Wood? Oscar Wilde?

    Rabbit Love Match - Chinese Zodiac

    Isadora Duncan? You thrive on excess and are a potential burnout case. You are an excitement addict. You love to uncover obscure laws, delve into dark places and locate exceptional people. Once located, you pursue your cherished prey with the spontaneity of a pot of milk boiling over. And speaking of milk, you can often be found paddling around in puddles of spilt milk. You are incorrigibly contrary. The only way you ever learn is the hard way.

    You have to be at death's door before you accept moderation. Defiance is your middle name. You reinvent your life every single day. Because of your low boredom threshold, you strive to escape sameness and avoid routine. You will very likely move to a new home at least five times in your adult life. Any self-respecting Tiger will change jobs about twice that often.

    Your messy divorces are not necessarily countable on one hand, either. You get a kick out of change and crave upheaval. You won't own a house for two minutes before you're knocking down walls to make room for the new lifestyle you've just dreamed up. Your delight in change can be an asset. Your rush to pounce on novel ideas and obscure notions can be perceived as amusing. No Tiger can ever be accused of being stodgy or conservative.

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    But as a result of your taste for haste, you sometimes have trouble concentrating. This habit of being easily distracted creates an all consuming work pattern that I like to call the "Blitz Effect. You love to paint your fence, cook a meal, go on a hike, or write a letter.